Can you broadcast faxes with magicJack Plus?

I have magicJack Plus, and I need to send several faxes at the same time to a few hundred clients. Is this possible, and if so, can you give me step-by-step instructions on how?

You can’t send broadcast faxes using a single magicJack Plus. You could do it one at a time, but for a few hundred clients, that would take a very long time. The best solution for your needs is to choose an Internet-based fax service that offers broadcast faxing. The services listed on my faxing guide are all great options. You might also want to check out the fax pricing tool at to help you find a more general service that matches your price range and needs.

If you do want to send your fax using an Internet fax service, the process is quite easy, but will require a different service provider. If you want to stay with magicJack, I recommend outsourcing your broadcast faxing needs to a company that charges you by the page rather than a monthly fee. Websites such as have a fairly simple process for broadcast faxing. You simply upload a list of contacts as an Excel or ASCII file along with the DOC or PDF document you wish to fax. The website takes care of the rest, including resending faxes that fail or that go to a busy number.

If you choose to look for an entirely new provider for all your needs, just make sure that it offers broadcast faxing (that is, it can send many faxes simultaneously) because otherwise faxing to several hundred people might take nearly as long to do as it would with magicJack Plus!

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