Does Vonage still offer a faxing plan?

Can I still send a fax from Vonage’s Web site? I can’t find this feature on their website. Does Vonage still do faxing? Do I need to have a fax machine?

Unfortunately, you can no longer send a fax from Vonage’s website. This feature was called “V-fax” and was recently discontinued. If you need to send a fax through a website, there are plenty of online fax services that work just like V-fax once did. You can even send a fax for free from FaxZero — up to five three-page faxes per day.

Now, if you’re a Vonage customer and you still want to send faxes with an actual fax machine, Vonage offers a separate fax line service for $9.99, plus a $9.99 activation fee. This line has a 250-minute cap each month for sending faxes, and overages are 3.9 cents per minute. Incoming faxes are unlimited.

You can also use a single Vonage phone line for both voice and fax, but you won’t be able to do both at the same time.

It’s worth noting that faxing with Vonage using a fax machine is often considered more trouble than it’s worth. If you are looking for a simple faxing plan divorced from phone services, it would probably be easier to go with a basic online provider.

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