Fax List

Dear Kevin, Where can I buy fax number lists?

Don’t. Don’t buy fax number lists, and I’ll tell you why. People buy fax number lists for one reason: in order to send bulk faxes to as many companies as possible. Companies that they haven’t done business with before, and companies that won’t appreciate getting junk faxes from you.

Sending junk faxes is illegal, thanks to the Junk Fax Prevention Act and Telecommunications Privacy Act. Every single violation can get you sued for $500. While that might not seem like a lot, if you send a bulk fax to 20,000 companies, and a good percentage of them decide to sue you over the violation, that amount can add up quickly.

It’s perfectly OK to have fax marketing efforts with companies that you already have an established business relationship with, but it’s not OK to send bulk faxes to numbers that you bought from a fax number list. Stay away from this marketing technique — it’s bad juju.

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