How do I keep my fax number?

I want to cancel my fax service and move to internet faxing, but I don’t want to go through the hassle of giving everyone a new number. Is there a way I can I keep the fax number I already have?

The transaction you’re referring to is called “porting,” meaning that you keep your number when you move services. While I think it’s a good bet that you can keep the number you have (which can be very helpful if you use it for business,) it will depend on the cooperation of your current phone provider and the service you’re moving to. Also, it may not be cheap.
The problem with porting is that you’re taking away your service and moving on to a competitor. Many phone companies will require that you pay a porting or cancellation fee. The FCC rules for porting telephone numbers require phone companies to allow porting as long as you stay in the same geographic area, but if the online fax service doesn’t meet local exchange carrier standards, you might be out of luck. It’s important to check with your current carrier first.
If your phone company allows the transaction, you’ll have to make sure you’re switching to an online faxing service that lets you port a number in. Many of them will, and some will allow you to port out the number for a fee as well. If it’s your first time moving to an online faxing service, make sure you check their porting policy. You can see a list of the best online fax sites that port numbers in and out at my site here.
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