How Do I Send Faxes with Windows 8 ASUS?

I have Windows 8 desktop ASUS. I installed a fax modem. I can send a fax but please tell me detailed how to receive a fax.

If you are already able to send a fax, then I will assume you have connected your fax modem and gone through the setup and installation process. There are several ways you can receive a fax through Windows 8. You can turn on automatic fax reception or set it so that you must accept each fax as it comes in.

First, open the fax program. Go to Tools and then Fax Settings. If you are prompted for a password, use the administrator password for the computer. There will be four categories to choose from. Click on the General tab and you will see a subsection called Send/Receive Options. There will be two check boxes that say “Allow the device to send faxes” and “Allow the device to receive faxes.” Both those boxes should be checked if you want to send and receive faxes.

Once you have checked the “Allow the device to receive faxes” box, you’ll notice that you have two choices: manually answer a fax call, or automatically answer the fax call. If you choose the automatic option you can enter in how many rings should occur before the fax is received. If you choose the manual option, then you will have to be present when the fax call comes in. A notification will appear. You can then click on the notification and you can accept the fax by clicking on the button that says “Receive a fax now.” If you don’t click that button before it stops ringing, you will not receive the fax.

Once you have received the fax it will show up in the program and offer you options such as forwarding the fax as an email or printing it out as a hard copy.

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