How to Receive Faxes with Fax Console

I have just faxed someone to their fax machine through my computer. How do they send one back to me, do they use my email address or my fax number

If you sent a fax using your fax modem, you can receive a fax using your fax modem, too. Configure your computer’s fax utility — for instance, XP Fax Console — to receive faxes, then tell your associate to send the fax to the phone number that the fax modem is connected to. From Choose Fax Monitor from the Tools menu, and you’ll see that Fax Console is ready to receive faxes. Since you are presumably using your regular phone line to send and receive faxes, it’s best to tell Fax Console only to answer when you’re expecting a fax — otherwise the modem will answer all of your calls — from people and fax machines.

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