What’s up with FaxDigits?

I’ve been using the FaxDigits service to receive faxes, but I haven’t gotten any lately and I’m having trouble getting in touch with their technical support and billing people. Do you know what’s going on?

While I’m not personally in contact with anyone from FaxDigits, a look at online message boards finds that users have been experiencing some problems with FaxDigits and its related company, FreeDigits. Some haven’t been able to send or receive faxes since May 2008, others can do so intermittently and still others seem to be faxing just fine. There have also been issues reported with the VoIP-based phone forwarding and voicemail. When I checked, the server came up with an error instead of the support page, and a message on the FreeDigits “knowledge base” page states: “We no longer provide technical support for FreeDigits (it’s a free service, after all)” and refers users back to its online knowledge base.

FaxDigits, which has been around since at least 2005, promises a free incoming fax service (phone numbers are based in Iowa), with the faxes delivered to email as PDF attachments. A premium option offers a toll-free or local number, plus the ability to send faxes, for $7.95 per month. The company also runs VoIP services under several other names such as SiPnumber.com, RingToNumber.com and HopeDigits.org. The parent company is WebPoint Communications.

If you’re looking for another free or cheap faxing option, consider K7 (free to receive only) or Packetel, which charges $3.95 per month (billed three months at a time) to receive faxes.

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