Can I fax a scanned document?

I have to fax information for a rental application, but my roommate scanned and sent me his documents. Are those okay to fax or do I need the original copies?

If you’re faxing documents, by definition they won’t be the originals. They’ll be a “facsimile,” or an exact copy. If your landlord is okay with a fax, they’ll be okay with a scanned document.

If your roommate already emailed you his scanned documents, you’ve actually made things easier on yourself. If you use an online fax service like FaxZero, you can upload and send the scanned documents for free.

If you’d rather use a fax machine, just note that the transmission might cause slight smudging or blotting to your document, so you need to make sure that the scanned document is a very clean copy, or some parts of it may be illegible by the time it finally gets to the landlord.

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