Can I keep my current number if I replace my fax machine?

I recently purchased a new fax machine and I’m confused about how to change it out with my old one. The old fax machine had a different number. Is the fax machine’s number part of the machine or does it take the number of the cable it’s attached to?

A fax machine takes the number of the line it’s connected to. All you really need to know is that its number automatically becomes the number associated with the phone jack you plug it into. So, when you plug your new machine into the old machine’s jack, your new fax machine will answer when someone calls the old machine’s number.

Fax machines aren’t like cell phones. There’s no internal card or piece that tells your fax machine its own number. A fax machine is much more like a traditional phone you would plug into a wall. You can go out and buy any old phone and connect it to your wall jack, right? It’s more or less the same with a fax machine.

One thing you can do that would be helpful to other people is tell your fax machine what its own number is. This ensures that the information included in the header or cover page is correct. It is usually possible to set up this option in a menu area labeled “Set Up” or “Options,” but the instructions for your specific fax machine can almost always be found online.

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