Can I Move a Phone Number to an Internet Fax Service?

I currently have two fax numbers, which I have had for over 5 years. I really would like to keep the numbers and port them to a fax service. I currently use efax, but they do not allow me to port my own number. So basically, I have to forward my calls to efax. I want to eliminate the having to pay both the phone company AND efax. Do you know of anyone who will allow me to port my own number?

If you want to use your existing phone number with an Internet fax service, the only solution is to have that number forwarded to that fax service. It’s not like when you switch mobile phone companies, and can take your phone number with you: none of the Internet fax services can take on your existing phone number.

So call forwarding is the answer: you have all incoming calls automatically forwarded to the Internet fax service. There may be a way to save some money, so you’re not paying for a phone line that you aren’t really using, plus the call forwarding feature, plus the Internet fax service. Ask your phone company’s customer service rep if they have a feature for forwarding a number without a line attached to it. If they do, you would have that phone number, forwarded to the fax service, but without the expense of that phone line at your home or office. If they offer this service, it could save you a few dollars each month.

If they don’t, there is a consolation: you can call-forward incoming calls to the fax service, and also use that phone line to make outgoing calls — to send faxes with your fax machine, or for your dialup modem, for instance.

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