Does faxing slow down internet?

Will sending a fax slow down my internet connection?

If you’re talking about a fax machine, then definitely not. A fax machine is connected to your phone line, which is separate from your wireless connection. (I’m assuming you’re not on dial-up in 2016). If your fax machine and your phone share a phone line, they will not be able to function simultaneously, but your internet speed won’t be affected (provided it’s wireless or on a separate line).

If you’re talking about internet faxing, such as sending a fax through an online fax service such as, then the answer is a qualified no. Internet faxing basically works the same as email. Your internet speed will be affected the same way it would be if you were uploading a file of the same size to an email and then sending it. Unless it’s a particularly large file, you shouldn’t notice a difference.

If you’re noticing a strong correlation between internet speed and internet faxing, contact your fax service provider. If you’re just suffering inconsistent internet speeds, the problem is probably elsewhere.

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