How to fax from Outlook

I use Outlook for all my emails. Can I fax from it too, or do I have to get an internet fax service?

The answer is yes to both questions.

The good news is that you can definitely fax from Outlook (both sending and receiving), but in order to do so you’ll have to have an account with an internet faxing service. Before you go further, do some research about what kind of faxing service you want, as there are a lot out there.

Once you’ve signed up for a plan, go into Outlook. Go to File > New > Fax. It will open a regular message. Attach the document you want to send and fill out the appropriate fields for Fax Recipient, Fax Number, and Subject. Your cover letter can be typed or pasted where the message would normally go. Make sure that Outlook is still open when you send the fax, otherwise it’ll save it instead of sending. So keep Outlook open, send it, and you’re done!

Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.