Fax machine fails intermittently

My fax machine usually works fine, but on random occasions it doesn’t send or receive faxes. Since I don’t know when it’s going to happen, it’s hard to predict what I’m missing.

I’m assuming here that by “random” you mean that the fax machine fails intermittently, rather than with one specific number. If it is only a specific number that’s giving your fax machine trouble, check your settings. You or your recipient may have blocked the other’s fax number.

If the the fax failing is truly random, there are some things you can try. The first suggestion is to get a professional to check your phone line and make sure that the wiring is good. Static on the line can be causing the problem, or a coiled phone cable. Small, intermittent interruptions can mess up a fax machine when it’s trying to send or receive faxes.

If you share a fax line with a phone number, make sure that you’re not using call waiting. Call waiting can cause clicks on the line that interrupt normal service.

And, as always, consider the possibility that it isn’t your fax machine that’s the problem. Your recipient might not be able to receive color copies, might have blocked you, or the line could be busy. Sometimes a fax just fails.

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