Fax Resignation Letter?

I’m ready to quit my job for something better. I really don’t feel the need to see my [deleted] boss again. It is kosher to fax in my resignation letter?

No, it isn’t. There are a number of reasons that fax isn’t the right way to communicate your letter of resignation. Perhaps most importantly, if it’s a shared office fax machine, there’s no guarantee that your letter will be delivered to the right person — or in a timely manner. (Plus, you might want to keep your resignation private: anyone in the office could see your resignation letter as it comes out of the fax machine.)

Also, sending a resignation letter by fax simply smacks of unprofessionalism and, perhaps, cowardice. Even if (especially if) you hate your boss, there’s something to be said for handing him or her a resignation letter in person (or, at least, dropping it in his/her mailbox so you can be sure it gets there.)

E-mail is also a poor choice for submitting a resignation letter: for those reasons and many more. Paper is the way to go.

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