Fax with Calling Card

I have a pre-paid calling card and was trying to use it to send a fax long-distance, but it won’t go through. What’s going on?

You should be able to fax using a calling card. Perhaps you’re trying to send your fax too soon, or not soon enough.

While holding your fax handset or using the speaker phone setting, wait for a dial tone and then key in the toll-free number specified on the calling card. (You’ll probably be asked to punch in a card ID number.) Once you hear another dial tone, key in the number to which you’re trying to send a fax. Let it ring until you hear the distinctive fax tone and then immediately press “start” on the fax machine. Hang up.

Another approach that may work is to add “pauses” to your call by pressing the comma button in between the calling card number, calling card ID and destination fax number.

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