Faxing a Thank You Letter

I want to fax someone a thank you letter. Is that acceptable, or do I have to mail it?

Whether or not it’s appropriate to fax a thank you letter depends on several factors, with the most important being the type of the thank you and your relationship with the person, business or other entity being thanked.

Context is everything when it comes to business communication. For example, most people wouldn’t want to see a “Thanks for coming to the funeral” note scrolling out of their fax machine. It’s just too impersonal. But a “Thanks for setting me up with that potential client” note might well be in line with both companies’ business practices and communication style. In some cases, timeliness may be a factor, such as thanking someone after a job interview, because “snail mail” can take a few days to arrive. But again, consider the setting and situation carefully before faxing any business or personal thank you note.

Many of the same etiquette guidelines hold true for email thanks as well. However, if you do send a thank you letter by fax, personally signing it is a nice touch.

For more on thank you letter etiquette, along with more than 100 sample thank you letter templates, visit ThankYouLetter.ws.

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