Faxing Without a Phone Line

I have a WiFi setup. Do I still need to connect my laptop to a phone line? I have a new laptop and there is no connection port for the phone or for a USB connection on the laptop

Great news! It’s easy to fax without a phone line, thanks to the prevalence of internet-based faxing. All you need is a computer (such as your laptop), an email address, and a hard-wired or WiFi internet connection. Some online faxing companies, such as my own service FaxZero.com, even support faxing via smartphone.

Depending on your operating system, you may even have faxing software or tools already set up in your laptop.

Consider how often you’ll be faxing, the typical length of your faxes, and whether you need to receive as well as send faxes. (You may need to invest in a dedicated fax number.) There are plans for every budget, and even a few free options. For example, FaxZero allows the sending of up to five free faxes per day with as many as three pages each. If you need to send more or longer faxes, you’ll pay just $1.99 apiece.

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