Windows Fax Confirmation

Is there a way to get a printed confirmation page from Windows Fax and Scan on Windows 10

I can see how it would be handy to get printed proof that your fax has succeeded. I took a look at Microsoft’s support pages to see if this is possible.

According to posters in the Microsoft community, you should be able to search your computer for “Windows Fax & Scan.” That will allow you to pull up options. Select Tools. Then click on Options. Then click on Receipts. You should then be able to check the boxes for “email add” and then choose which recipients should receive the receipt. There’s also an option to attach a copy of the sent fax to each email. Then, you or your company will have a record of the actual fax sent. If you have a client that needs this information, you can simply forward them the resulting email. Please note: If the computer is part of a domain network, the solution will be more complicated.

Also, with Windows 10 you should be able to view a fax log, which would show (by fax number) which faxes made it through. In a pinch, you could provide a screenshot or cut-and-paste of the fax log.

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