How can I fax the President of the United States?

I would like to send a fax to the President of the United States. Is there a free service that will let me send a fax to the White House?

There is a free service that will allow you to send a fax to the President of the United States, but faxing the President isn’t always the best way to participate in government. Before you send a fax to the White House, you should consider what you’re actually trying to accomplish.

Every day, White House staffers select ten letters sent to the White House for President Obama to read. That means that out of thousands of communications received in a single day, only ten messages will actually be seen by President Obama. Those aren’t very good odds for your message, no matter how compelling it is. When you send a fax to the White House, you really are sending a fax to the White House, not the president.

There are many reasons one might still want to send a message to the President of the United States. As an exercise in citizenship, many students and adults write to the President to express their opinions. Some people even send wishes and personal messages to the President. These are all great reasons to fax the President.

On the other hand, many people believe that sending a message to the president is the best way to influence his opinion on important issues or enact political change. While expressing political opinions to the president can be cathartic, this probably isn’t the most effective strategy for an actual cause.

The government of the United States is set up so that specific individuals called Representatives and Senators represent the interests of their constituencies much more directly than the President. Many Representatives and Senators claim to read every communication sent to them by their constituents, and many respond directly to faxes by email or snail mail. By contacting your Congressperson, you can be much more certain that your views are being heard.

There is a service that offers free faxes to both Representatives and Senators. To use this service, simply go to FaxZero’s fax Congress or fax the Senate page and find the appropriate Congressperson.

But back to the President: if you simply want to send a short message in text form, the White House actually has a devoted form for this purpose. This can be acceptable for very short messages that don’t require a full fax.

And finally, if what you really want to do is fax the President, you can use FaxZero’s free service to do so for free for faxes up to three pages. If you need to send a longer fax, you can use the paid version to send up to 15 pages for $1.99. Per the administration’s instructions, be sure to include your email address if you would like a response.

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