Can you send a fax over a cell phone line?

I recently went to a cellular home phone connection through Verizon, and did not realize at the time I could not use my fax machine with that. Now I have no land line phone connections. Are there any fax machines that will transmit over a cellular line, or anything I can do?

Sometimes you can send a fax over a cell phone line, but you would need some extra equipment and a specific kind of phone service. The better solution to this problem is to just use an Internet fax service. If you have a smart phone, there are even apps like Qipit that work pretty well for sending faxes. But, let’s say that you don’t like that option. There is still a way you could conceivably send a fax over a cell phone line.

Here’s the major problem with sending a fax over a cell phone: digital voice networks don’t support those tones you hear when you make a fax. So, unless you’re using an analog cellular service (and, if you’re reading this after 2008, you’re probably not), the answer is definitely no.

But, if for some reason you have analog service, you actually could do this. However, you’re going to need some equipment that can be kind of pricey.

Basically, you need some way to connect your phone to your fax machine so you can send faxes like you would using a landline. There are several tools that have been used to accomplish this, such as Dock-N-Talk by Phonelabs. Before you buy this equipment, though, you should double check that you really will be able to send a fax using your specific phone.

In short: use an Internet faxing service such as It’s just better.

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