How can I get a temporary phone number?

I’m looking for a temporary phone number to use while I’m selling items on Craigslist, but I don’t want to pay much for the service. Can you tell me if there’s anything that might work for this purpose?

You can get a temporary phone number in a variety of ways, many of which are free. The best ways to do this are to use an Internet service, use an app on your smartphone, or buy a disposable phone. Which solution is best for your situation depends on your concerns about anonymity and the technology you will be using to make and receive calls.

Temporary phone numbers that forward to an existing line are available on the Internet, often for free. These services do not require a particular type of phone. While you can use services like Google Voice or Skype to create Internet phone numbers, these numbers are not really designed to be temporary. To make a truly temporary phone number, you will need to use a service designed for this purpose with an expiration setting. You will also need to be careful about making calls from your actual phone if the number is not set up for outgoing calls.

Another convenient way to get a temporary phone number is to use an app on your smartphone. Android or iPhone apps such as iNumber and RingShuffle make temporary numbers work similarly to online programs, but you can set up the number directly from your own phone. Many apps also allow you to make phone calls from that number through the app. Like online services, these numbers are usually set to expire quickly, but they’re designed for people who use this service often so new numbers are easy to set up. Basic services are also usually free.It’s a truly outdated option at this point, but for maximum anonymity you can use a disposable phone as a temporary phone number. This is usually only a good option if you need only one temporary phone number and neither of the above options is suitable. Phones of this type are fairly inexpensive and remain entirely separate from your other phone line.One of the main reasons people need this kind of service is for anonymity, whether you’re selling things online or worried about strangers getting your number. With each of these options, you can shut down calls related to outdated projects and remain relatively certain that your identify remains safe.

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