Faxing with MagicJack Plus

You said previously that MagicJack was not always reliable for faxing. Has that changed with the new MagicJack PLUS?

The main difference between MagicJack and MagicJack PLUS is that the PLUS version doesn’t need to be attached to your computer to work. Instead, it can be plugged into any router or broadband modem (with a minimum upload speed of 128 kb/s) and voila: you have a portable ìlandline.î

This is all nice but not unique – other VoIP providers have been offering basically the same things for years. Whatís been netting the MagicJack PLUS a lot of attention is primarily its simplicity compared to services such as Vonage, free international calls, the ability to keep your old phone number, and a great price ($19.95 a year).

When it comes to faxing, consumers’ reviews havenít been conclusive about any increased reliability with MagicJack PLUS. As before, faxing can be done and for some it works fine, for others not so much. While MagicJack has improved, VoIP technology is still as incompatible as ever with some fax machines. On top of that, there are a lot of variables involved — your specific machine, your Internet service, the phase of the moon — that still keep MagicJack from being a 100 percent dependable alternative to a true landline when it comes to faxing.

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