How can I sign a fax if I’m sending it over the internet?

My business has recently moved entirely to an online fax service. However, we’d like to be able to sign digital documents without having to print them out and scan them again. Is there any secure way to do this?

Absolutely! There are lots of services that will help you sign documents electronically. One great one is called RightSignature, which is a service that will pretty much take care of all the complicated legal and technical aspects of using digital signatures. Using a reputable service like RightSignature will ensure that your signatures are secure and legally binding.

I can’t emphasize this enough, though: a digital signature is an specially validated electronic signature. It’s not just a picture. It has special information attached to it that makes it compliant with relevant legislation that regulates and determines the legality of electronic signatures.

Failing to adhere to the guidelines set forth by acts like ESIGN and UETA may lead to legal complications. Using a service that takes care of these legal aspects for you can help alleviate some of these concerns about digital signatures.

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