How can I fax my Congressperson?

I would like to fax my Congressperson. Is there a free service that will allow me to send a fax to a Congressperson’s office?

You can use FaxZero‘s free service to conveniently fax your representatives in the House and fax senators as well. This service is free of charge for up to five faxes under three pages each per day.

You will need to know your Congressional district in order to fax your Representative. If you do not know your district, you can look it up using your zip code on the website of the House of Representatives.

To send your fax, simply click on the link after your Congressperson’s name on the FaxZero site. This will automatically fill in the name and fax number of your Congressperson. You can also do this manually on the main FaxZero site.

Next, fill in your information (name and email) in the green box labeled “Sender Information.” You will then need to attach the file containing your fax or enter the text you want to fax. Finally, enter the confirmation code and hit the button that says “Send Free Fax Now.” You’ll immediately receive an email with a clickable link to confirm your fax. That’s all you need to do!

If you need to send a longer fax to your Congressperson, you can pay for the service on many different sites. FaxZero, for example, offers a 15-page fax to anyone in the U.S. or Canada for $1.99. Other internet fax services are available as well. You can find the one that best suits your budget and needs by checking the internet fax comparison at

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