How to block a fax number

I’m getting a lot of spam sent to my fax machine. I’m on the FCC do-not-call list, but one number keeps bothering me. Is there any way to block it?


The problem with putting your fax number on the FCC “Do Not Call” list is that it’s only observed by advertisers who respect the 2005 Junk Fax Law. Those who don’t know or care about the law will continue to use up your toner with spammy fax ads.

The solution to this depends on whether or not you have the bothersome faxer’s fax number. If it’s on any of their faxes or if your fax machine logs senders’ numbers, then consult your user manual. There should be a Junk Fax mode that you can set your machine to. It will likely be in the Setup function, and it might already by active. Once it’s active, you can enter the number you want blocked into the Junk Fax List. That should take care of it.

If you’re only having problems with the one spammer, this fix should work okay. If you’re getting multiple spammers, consider paying for a call-blocker service, or talking to your phone company about privacy options. Remember, though, that a lot of privacy services will block ALL faxes except for pre-approved numbers. So if you’re a business, you might be inadvertently keeping out potential clients and partners.

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