How To Dial International Fax

Q: Trying to send a fax. Do I put a one (1) in front of the 011 or not?

If you don’t make international calls or send international faxes regularly, the business of what to dial can be terribly confusing. But really, it’s simple — most of the time.

First, dial 011. That’s the code that tells the telephone system that you want to place an international call without operator assistance.

Then dial the country code — for instance, the country code for Chile is 56. Some country codes are three digits.

Then you dial the city code and phone number. What’s the city code? It is probably run together as part of the phone number: in other words, you can probably just dial the phone number at this point, because the city code is part of it. The number of digits varies depending on the country you are calling.

When you hear the squeal of the distant fax machine, start transmitting your fax.

I should note that a handful of countries — including Canada, Anguilla, Bermuda, and others — work exactly like American phone numbers. To call or fax them, you just dial 1, then the area code, then the 7-digit phone number.

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