How to fax from email

I use Gmail for almost everything relating to my home business. I’d like to be able to send faxes from my email, too. Is this possible?

Yes, absolutely!

While some internet fax services simply have you upload your fax and send it from their website, nearly ever subscription-based system allows fax-from-email services. What they’ll do is provide you (or your business) with a unique phone number. When someone faxes your number, you can opt to receive it at any (or several!) email addresses.

To use fax-to-email and vice versa, just sign up for a service (such as Make sure your “receive” settings link to your Gmail account. You will now receive faxes as a document attached to an email that gets sent to your regular email address, probably as a PDF.

If you’d like to send a fax through your Gmail account, the process is similar. Open a regular email message and type in the recipient’s fax number in the address bar (there may be an suffix to add at the end depending on your fax provider). Attach your fax as a PDF or other supported file type. Any text you type into the subject bar or the email body will show up as a cover letter on the fax. Just hit send and you’re good!

Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.