How to fax from a smartphone

A couple of years ago I tried using my smartphone to send a fax. It was confusing and I finally gave up. Has the technology improved since then?

Smartphone technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and in 2015 it feels like there really is an app for everything. Smartphones are better now because most websites have adjusted their layout to make interactions with touch screens a lot easier.

You don’t necessarily need an app to send a fax on your smartphone, either., for instance, has a mobile-optimized website that makes it easy to upload pictures, documents, and even voice recordings and send them as a free fax, just from a regular phone browser.

There are also a lot of apps that make the process even easier, and many of them are free (although the subscription services themselves are not). The MaxEmail fax app, for example, can be used for Android or iPhones. All you have to do is download it to your phone and then load the app. From there you can send, receive, and even sign faxes.

Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.Do you have a question about faxing? Send me your fax question.