How to Find a Fax Software Developer?

I have been searching for some time now for a developer who can help create a new email to fax solution. I was wondering if during your research you may have discovered who created any of the services or where I may find someone with that experience?

The various companies that offer Internet fax solutions either have in-house development teams or, at the very leas least, keep their outsourced developers secret. If you can find a competent C++ programmer, you may be able to start with a canned server solution like HylaFax and have it modified for your purposes. Or, depending on your project, you may need to start from scratch. Either way, I suggest starting your search for a developer at RentACoder. It’s sort of an eBay for programmers: describe your project (no matter how big or small) and programmers will bid on the job. You can choose among them based on their fee, experience, or whatever other criteria are most important to you. There are some 120,000 programmers in the RentACoder pool — although fax server programming is certainly not a niche that every programmer can handle, certainly RentACoder has many who can. Good luck.