How to Fix Vertical Stripe On Faxes I Send

The people I send faxes to complain that there are vertical stripes on the faxes that I send them. Is my fax machine broken?

Good news, your fax machine isn’ t broken — it’s just dirty. I’m assuming here that you have the type of fax machine in which you insert the document you’re transmitting in the top, and it feeds through and comes out again at the front. As that happens, your document passes by the scanning element, which remains stationery. A small smudge or piece of dirt in front of the scanning element turns into a loooong line obscuring your document.

The fix is simple: open the front of the fax machine (like you’re removing a document jam) and find the thin, horizontal strip of glass inside. It won’t be hard to find: the documents you send pass right over it. To clean that piece of glass, pour a small amount of glass cleaner or white vinegar onto a lint-free cloth, and use it to clean the glass. Voila! The next fax that you send should be stripe-free.