I need to share my emailed faxes with my coworkers. What is the best way to do that?

I understand how to send and receive faxes through my email, but when I receive a fax I often need to print it out immediately to share with my coworkers. Is there an email fax solution that has the convenience of print faxes?

In our increasingly digital world, it’s actually easier than ever to share faxes like this with your coworkers. Most Internet fax services send your faxes to you as PDF or TIFF attachments, which can be read on most (if not all) modern email-enabled devices, including phones and computers. As such, one simple solution is to take the fax attachment you received and forward it through email to your coworkers. They will be able to view the fax on their devices just as easily as you see it on yours, and you don’t need to waste a single sheet of paper!
If the issue is that you genuinely need a print copy to hand out to your coworkers, you might try printing to your office printer directly from your computer or email-enabled phone. Wi-Fi enabled printers make this task particularly easy, as these printers do not even require cords to connect to your device.

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