International Fax

Q: I want to send a fax from my computer to another country. What service can do this? I don't want to pay a monthly subscription.

The international fax service from lets people send one-time and occasional faxes with no plan or ongoing fees.

FaxZero, which also offers free and low-cost faxing in the U.S. and Canada, prices its international faxing service depending on the nation faxed. For example, many of the 160 included countries are $3.40 for up to 15 pages. Some are a little more while a few are much more.

When visiting FaxZero, just click on the name of the country to see the fee, which can be easily paid via PayPal. (PayPal also accepts credit cards.) Fill out the online form and attach a .DOC, .DOCX, or PDF file, or enter text, to start faxing.

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