Is it possible to make my all-in-one machine fax wirelessly?

Is it possible to make my all-in-one machine (printer, scanner, fax) send a fax wirelessly, so that I don’t have to connect it to a phone line?

Unfortunately, machines labeled “all-in-one” may seem extra convenient, but in some ways they are still way behind the times. Sure, the machine can print, scan, copy, and fax, but in order to do the last item, the machine needs to be connected to a conventional telephone line. It won’t work with a cable modem, DSL connection, or a wireless Internet signal.

There are options, though. One solution is to simply scan whatever document you need to send, and then email it. In that case, you’re still using your all-in-one machine, albeit not the fax function.

Or you could ditch the machine altogether, at least when it comes to faxing. Keep it for the print, scan, and copy functions, because that’s handy. But when it comes time for faxing, consider using the Internet and all its possibilities. Without a phone line, using just your Internet connection, you can use services like FaxZero to send up to three pages and a cover page, twice a day, for free. If you need to send more, you can send up to fifteen pages and a cover page for just $1.99 total. Just scan your item using that all-in-one, and let FaxZero do the rest.

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