MagicJack for Faxing

If you would like to use magic jack for nothing more than faxing out no incoming faxes is that ok.?

Yes! Not only is it absolutely okay, it’s easy.

Although you can certainly use a MagicJack as a dedicated line for both incoming and outgoing faxes, using the device simply to send fax documents is a far simpler and more convenient option to fit your faxing needs. Since you don’t have to leave your computer on and connected to the internet round-the-clock when you use the MagicJack only for sending outgoing faxes, you can continue to make and receive phone calls when you’re not faxing a document.

Here’s how to send outgoing faxes only using your MagicJack and fax device:

• Make sure your MagicJack user interface is open on your computer screen and that you are connected to the internet.
• Connect a telephone line directly from your MagicJack’s devoted port to the line-out port on your fax machine, which is usually located on the back of the machine itself.
• Dial the recipient’s fax from your fax machine’s keypad. After your document scans and encodes, you will see the recipient’s number appear on the MagicJack’s computer interface and auto-dial the number you entered into your fax machine.
• Look for the “Connected” message, which will appear on your MagicJack’s software interface. You will see a time-elapsed counter – just like when you make a call. When the document is finished transmitting, your MagicJack will automatically hang up.
• As always when faxing, wait for a confirmation page or display from your fax machine. If the recipient’s fax line is busy, you can let your fax machine auto-redial or you can repeat the process manually at any time.
• Disconnect your telephone line from the fax machine, and plug it into your telephone to begin making and receiving calls once again. If you don’t hear a dial tone through your phone’s handset, you may need to restart your MagicJack software to begin making and receiving calls once again.

Any time you wish to send another outgoing “magic fax” to a recipient machine, simply repeat this process.

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