Does Caller ID Reveal Sender Name on Fax Activity Report?

We receive faxes from senders who do not set up their fax information in the fax header on their machines. Yet, they’re able to print out activity report showing the date and time they have sent us a fax. Our fax machine, on the other hand, does show an entry for the fax transaction, but with their fax number blank. This has caused some problems for us because we cannot prove when we have received their fax. How can we make sure our fax activity report shows the number of the sender in this case? Would a caller ID on our fax line help?

I’m not positive if adding Caller ID to your phone service would solve this problem, but it’s worth a shot.

Some fax manufacturers list certain models as being “Caller ID-ready,” and some Brother models promise they can print a “Caller ID log.” A user manual for a Lexmark all-in-one print/fax/scan machine says, “If you subscribe to this service, it works with your All-In-One. When you receive a fax, the phone number of the person who is sending you the fax appears on the display.” However, it does not clarify whether the number will show up on the logs.

It’s possible this could translate to the fax activity report revealing the sender’s number in the activity log. You could check with your fax’s manufacturer, or just try signing up for the Caller ID service, which is usually only a few dollars a month.

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