Mass-Faxing Congress

Does Mass-faxing Congress help?

Getting in contact with the member of Congress who represents your district is a great way to exercise your political rights and your civic duties as a U.S. citizen. That’s why FaxZero offers you the ability to fax congress for free. Just choose your state, find your district, and make your voice heard. You can also fax either or both of your state senators.

While it might seem like the scattershot method — contacting every representative — is the best approach, please keep in mind that many issues fall under state rather than federal jurisdiction, so mass-faxing isn’t always the answer to addressing your problem. It’s best to contact your local representative first, or research the issue more heavily before sending to every district.

Besides, one purpose of congressional districts is that representatives can hear from
people in one geographic area. Congressional representatives in New York (for instance) really don’t need to hear from people who live in California. California has reps of its own for that.

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