Faxing with a MagicJack

I don’t yet have a MagicJack. But I do have “32 Bit Internet Fax,” a very good faxing software that I have used for many years. It enables me to provide it with a list of fax numbers to each of which will be sent the same fax. The fax software replaces the need for a physical fax machine. I DO NOT use the software for commercial purposes but only for sending messages supporting or opposing legislation to members of the United States Congress. I would like to be able to use that software with MagicJack.

MagicJack is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) product that basically bypasses the need for a landline. Instead it uses your IP address to send and receive calls from the internet, and it plugs right into your computer. However, it is the company’s official stance is that MagicJack does not work with any fax machine or program that uses a data or modem line.

That being said, you do have a few options. Electrosoft’s fax software program allows you to either send/receive faxes over a data/modem line or do it over the internet. Since you don’t have a fax machine, you can just do online faxing, which shouldn’t be a problem at all. If you’re currently using a modem line, Electrosoft has an Internet tutorial that can help you make the switch.

However, if you’re only sending faxes to support or oppose legislation, I might recommend that you just FaxZero’s free service to fax congress or senators online.

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