Two-pin Cord for Faxing

My fax machine hasn’t worked since I have purchase Vonage. I have talked to customer service and she suggested buying a two-pin telephone cord. I called Office Depot and they said they are not familiar with the product. What should I do?

Vonage is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that is primarily intended for voice use, but often can be used for faxing as well. According to Vonage, the extra two wires can act as an antenna and add noise that’s needed for a fax machine to function. I haven’t personally experienced this, but I’ve read online that some people have had success by adding a two-pin cord, also known as a two-wire patch cord.

You can get a two-pin cord here: CordsForPhones. I’d be curious to learn if using such a cable helps your situation, as I’ve only heard anecdotal success stories.

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