Which Direction Should the Paper Face When Faxing?

I am using an unfamiliar fax machine and I have no idea whether to put the paper in face down or face up. How do I find out?

Whether the paper gets faxed face down or face up depends on the manufacturer of the fax machine, so if you have the user manual handy, I would start by looking there. If not, there are a lot of ways to check around.

The first thing to look for is a small icon next to the paper feeder on the fax machine. The icon should be a picture of a piece of paper with the top corner folded. If the icon has lines of text on the front of it then you should send a fax with the paper face up.

If the text lines only appear on the folded corner, send the fax with the paper face down.

If the fax machine is an all-in-one office device and is equipped with a copier, do a test by copying a piece of paper with something drawn or written on one side.

If all of that fails, call your recipient and tell them you are going to send a test fax to make sure that the machine is working correctly. If they receive a blank fax, turn the piece of paper over and try again!

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