How Do You Clear Memory from a Fax Machine?

My fax machine says that the memory is full. I didn’t even realize it was saving information! How do I clear it?

A lot of fax machines have a fax storage feature, which can be handy for a number of reasons. It can be nice, for instance, if you want to enter a fax into the machine and then send it at a later time, or if you want to remember what documents have been printed out. (That can be especially nice if you lose a page or if there’s an outage during faxing.) You can also program numbers into the memory drive the way you would save a number in a cell phone.

If you would prefer not to have the fax storage feature, consult your manual to find out how to turn it off. That is also, unfortunately, the best way to clear your memory. All fax machines are different. Many of them will have a Clear button that you can press after sending a fax. Otherwise, you will need to go into the settings menu and look for Delete Data, Format, or Clear Memory. Then follow the steps as instructed.

There are some other things you could try, although they are not guaranteed to work. One way is to unplug the machine for a full minute and then plug it back in. This works for some, but many have memory stored in a backup battery. If your fax machine has a backup battery, remove and then reconnect it to see if that does the trick.

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