Auto-Reply to Faxes

My fax machine is not attended and I am the only one in my office a few days a week. Is there any way that my fax can be set up to reply automatically with a message that explains how to reach me in case of emergency?

Unfortunately, unless you have your own private server, I don’t know of any simple way to set up auto-reply for incoming faxes.

If your office does happen to have its own server, an IT person should be able to set up a script that will use caller ID to send an automatic response. Even then, it wouldn’t be foolproof because the sender would have to their number programmed into their machine’s called subscriber information field (CSID).

There are third-party services that offer the ability to reply to incoming faxes or confirm delivery, and can even include branded templates and detailed transmission reports. However, these tools are typically used by large businesses that do a lot of faxing, or those in the legal or health care sectors.

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