Fax as PDF File

The company that I’m going to work for sent me paperwork through email as a PDF and told me to sign and notarize it and then send it to them as a PDF on email. Can I fax it or how does that work if they need it on a PDF?

If you fax a document, there’s no guarantee regarding the form in which it will show up on the receiving end. It could go to a traditional standalone fax machine and be printed on paper, or, more likely, it would end up in the recipient’s email as an attachment — perhaps as a PDF. If you feel comfortable enough with your contact at the new job, you could ask them what type of fax service they use.

However, perhaps your issue is that you don’t have a scanner to get your notarized paperwork from your hands to your computer so you can then email it? If that’s the case, do you have a smartphone? There are several apps for iOS and Android that will let you take a picture of the document, compile the pages, and turn the images into a PDF file. Then, you could attach the resulting PDF to an email directly from your phone (or transfer it to your computer and upload it from there).

One app I’ve tried is called PDF Photos for iPhone. Another app called PDF Converter can convert several images at once and place one image on each page. Online tools can also convert images to PDFs (upload a JPG photo of your document via your internet browser). There’s also a native PDF scan feature in the latest version of the Dropbox cloud app.

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