Can I fax a cease and desist letter?

I keep getting creditors and collection agencies calling me. I don’t have their address and I don’t want them to have mine–can I fax a cease and desist letter with legal hold?

Faxing a cease and desist letter is fine. All you’re doing is providing notification that you will pursue legal action if their behavior persists. I have to imagine that they already have your home address if they have your phone number, but fax is still a valid way of communicating with them.

One thing you should be aware of: If the creditors have a valid reason to be in contact with you (e.g. your debt hasn’t passed the statute of limitations), you’ll want to send a limited cease and desist letter rather than a full one. You can find cease and desist letter templates at websites such as, but in general I recommend structuring it as follows (in a respectful and firm tone):

– Notify the creditor that they must cease and desist from calling you on your personal, work, private, or cellular phone numbers (or any of the numbers of your friends and family).
– Provide an alternative method of contact (mailing address is common).
– Specify that you will take legal action if the calls continue.

Keep in mind that if they DO keep calling you, you’ll want to have legal action lined up. You’ll need to know how credible their claim against you is, how far back it goes, and what action you can take. Good luck!

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