Can I Fax a DOC File?

Can I send an Microsoft Word document as a fax or do I have to convert it to a different file type first?

Most online fax services will let you send a DOC or DOCX file, no problem. Online faxing is a little different when it comes to file formats than just using a regular fax machine. It’s true that a fax is always received as either a TIFF file or with a FAX extension, but it usually doesn’t have to be that way when you send it.

Most online faxing services will list the file types that they support on their website. This often includes DOC, ODT, PDF, PNG, JPEG, and others. Sites such as SRfax and FaxItNice list the supported file types on their websites. If you only need to send a few faxes, you can send up to five faxes a day, of up to three pages each, with my free site FaxZero, which supports DOCs and PDFs along with nearly a dozen other file formats.

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