Can I Fax Using My iPod Touch?

I have a iPod touch and would like to send a fax. Not on the Internet, but VoIP or FoIP is good; even better would be if I can send it with a real fax like I would print using AirPrint.

There are a few different options for sending a fax from your iPod Touch, but none that work in the same way as the AirPrint app you mentioned. With that app, you use your device to send a document to a printer, which physically prints out the document.

It seems that the kind of apps that would work for this purpose on your iPod Touch will essentially work in the same way as your email does.

An app called “iFax Pro,” for example, acts as a virtual fax machine. You get a telephone number from which you can send and receive faxes, all through your Touch (or iPhone). The app is free, but you pay each time you want to send a fax. It’s not cost prohibitive, though. Up to five pages will only cost you $0.99, which is a much better rate than you’ll find at the fax/copy/ship store down the street.

Another possibility Is “Fax Print Share Lite,” which does everything in its title, all from one app. Its prices are comparable to iFax Pro, so it might be worth trying them both to see which one gives you the better results.

A search of the word “fax” in the iTunes App Store nets many different options, so it’s probably a good idea to do a search and decide which of the apps you’d like to try yourself.

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