Where Can I Find an Online Fax Program That Provides Confirmation Sheets?

I regularly send faxes with an old style fax machine as I must have a confirmation page that shows a copy of the first page of the fax.  This way the receiver cannot say “I see you faxed me 3 pages last month but I can’t confirm what you faxed so I am not accepting it as timely”.  I have not seen an internet fax program that provides a confirmation sheet that I could print or save with a copy of the first page of the fax as part of the confirmation sheet.  Are you aware of any?

Several Internet faxing services, including MetroFax, have a “dashboard” feature that allows you to see lots of information about the faxes you send. You can choose to see (and print, if you want) the first page of what you’ve sent, or even a confirmation that includes all the pages of the faxes that you send. So you can not only tell the receiver that you sent the fax on time, you can show them exactly what info was in the fax that you sent.

Because this service is based in your email, you will always have access to the proof that you sent a particular page as part of a fax. Everything will stay organized and accessible, and you won’t have to worry about filing away sheets of paper that prove you sent a fax. No one will ever be able to tell you that they didn’t receive a particular page, because you will have proof in your email or the service’s web-based dashboard, ready to be emailed off to the skeptic at a moment’s notice.

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