Can I Fax with Ooma?

I have Ooma. However, I am having difficulty faxing. I know that faxing with VOIP has difficulties. Do you know how to specifically fax with Ooma? I have a mfc 8440 Brother fax machine.

Ooma is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service that has been growing in popularity since its 2007 launch, though it is still not as well-known as MagicJack or Vonage.

On the “Troubleshooting” section of its website, Ooma states, “With the proper equipment, it is possible to send and receive faxes.” They go on to explain several configuration options, and mention that a standalone fax machine, two phone cords, and probably a phone splitter, are required.

If you wish to use your home phone (with Ooma) and fax on the same line, first plug the phone splitter into the “Phone” port of the Ooma unit. Then connect one phone cord to the phone handset and the other phone cord to the fax machine’s “Input” port. If you have the Ooma Hub setup, they say to connect the machine directly to the hub. Regardless, be sure to turn off your fax machine’s auto-answer feature (put it in manual), or the machine will pick up on all your voice calls if you don’t get to the telephone fast enough.

However, if you plan to send and receive a lot of faxes, you might want to consider a dedicated line. In this case, Ooma users won’t be able to use their existing home phones for voice, because the Phone port on the unit will be needed for the fax line. So, you’d have to purchase an Ooma Telo Handset and also subscribe to the more costly Ooma Premier service, which allows multiple lines. If you go with this option, visit the Ooma website to learn how to associate a device, such as a fax machine, with your account. The site also outlines how to enable fax mode and send and receive faxes on a dedicated line.

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