Can I Forward a Fax Once I’ve Received It?

I want to forward my fax to another fax machine. What do I do?

Sure! You can usually forward a fax. There are generally two ways to achieve fax forwarding: between two fax machines or via online fax services.

To forward a fax between two fax machines, your machine will need to have its storage settings on beforehand so that incoming faxes stay in the machine’s memory. Often, there’s a setting for fax forwarding as well. To forward, just enter in the number of the fax machine you want to receive the fax. With some fax machines, once you turn on the setting, every fax you receive will be forwarded to the number specified, so be sure to turn it off when you don’t want to use it.

Another way to do fax forwarding is through online faxing. If you have an Internet-based fax service that is connected to your email, there should be an option menu somewhere in fax service’s settings. You can specify the email address or addresses to which you want the message to be forwarded. The recipient of the forward will receive it as a fax file (such as TIFF) through their own email account. To see an Internet-based fax price comparison based on what type of service you need, use the handy tool at my site,

A third form of fax forwarding that isn’t commonly available is machine-to-email fax forwards. Most machines that do fax forwarding only allow you to enter numbers, not letters or symbols. If you want to forward a fax, it will probably need to be email-to-email or machine-to-machine.

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