Can I get a transcript faxed?

I’m in the second round of interviews for a job I really want, and I just found out I need my undergrad transcript. Can I ask my school to fax it, and is that the fastest way?

Protocol on transcripts is going to vary from school to school, but most if not all of them won’t fax you your official transcript. This is for the same security reason that birth certificates and Social Security cards shouldn’t be faxed. Even if your school will fax your transcript, it’s possible your new employer won’t accept it.

Unfortunately, requesting an official transcript is always going to take a few days up to a few weeks. However, an unofficial transcript might be good enough to tide your employer over until the official one is available. In that case, faxing is a quick option. Confirm with the employer that this is a possibility, and then obtain the employer’s personal fax number. Have the school fax it to that number rather than to you, which will remove the possibility of a third party tampering with the information. It will also confirm that the employer is getting the information from a legitimate source.

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