Can’t Receive Faxes

My fax machine isn’t receiving faxes. It still sends them fine, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my fax line.

If you are still able to send faxes, you can probably skip over the usual tests to make sure that your connection is working. However, if you have any splitters or extensions, take them out and test the fax machine, just in case. Also, make sure that your fax machine is plugged into the wall jack, not an extension.

If you still can’t receive messages, go into your fax settings and find the Receive Settings/Receive Mode or some variation thereof. Your receive setting should be set to Auto. If it’s not, make that the default setting.

There’s one thing you should know, even if that works: setting your receive settings to “Auto” means that your fax machine will answer all calls as faxes. So if your fax machine shares a phone line with your phone or answering machine, that may not be a real solution for you. Make sure your phone is plugged into the extension and then put your receive settings on Manual instead. This means that every time a fax comes in, you’ll have to manually accept it as a fax, but it should fix the issue. When you answer the phone and hear a fax tone, hang up the receiver and press the “Start” button on the fax machine to receive a fax (“Start Black” for black-and-white faxes, “Start Color” for color fax).

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